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Control of the Time

We know that time represents the principal unit of the lawyer's selling point , so any office that does not effectively record working time will never know how much it earns. Knowing effectively the time that a particular client and / or covenants helps to determine exactly their profitability. Even if you have fixed budgets, time tracking can determine if these values are below or above your cost. That is why we dedicated a lot of time developing features that will make it easier for the lawyer to enter their diligences and the time to each one.

As we know that each lawyer has different ways of working, we have developed different ways of entering the data. The already famous Time-Sheet has several ways of introduction: web page, mobile application for iPhone and Android, Office, stopwatch and an application to make the diary of everything you did on your computer (available for Windows).

Furthermore, as we know that there are scenarios in which the internet is not available, we give the possibility to launch the time-sheet in an offline environment and when you come back to have internet you just need to synchronize the respective information. We know that the lawyer is constantly moving, for what we give tools to effectively not lose any work done for the client.


Never worry any more about updates and / or copies of your data. In our datacenter they will be permanently safe and with a periodicity of backups very hight. You no longer have to worry about making backup copies or take care on your server maintenance.

System updates will be automatic and done in a smoothly and quickly way so that any impact is minimal at the office work. Every month we will have new features and improvements in our solution in order to help more and more your efficiency and productivity, thus increasing your profitability.

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