Program Pioneers

2nd phase (until 30th June 2017)

Per month*/user

  • Offices up to 15 users
  • Training 1-1
  • Priority of support Email and Phone
  • Full Suite Access **
  • Value Maintenance Warranty Forever
  • Available in PT and EN

3rd phase

Per month*/user

  • Offices up to 15 users ***
  • Training 1-1 e 1-n
  • Priority of support Email and Phone
  • iPhone app
  • Time & Doc Bar Word**
  • Full Suite Access **
  • Value Maintenance Warranty Forever
  • Available in 4 languages (PT, BR, EN, ES)
Suspended Phase. Click for more information

Launch (dia 01/09/2019)

Per month*/user (When pay annually or €55 per month)

  • Society of any dimension
  • Group Training
  • Support via Email and LiveChat
  • iPhone app
  • Android app
  • Time & Doc Bar Word**
  • Full Suite Access **
  • Available in 8 languages
Coming Soon
* Paid annually.
** As soon as available."
*** Application analyzed case by case.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is safe! We use SSL with 2048-bit encryption. This is probably to much "technical information" that does not mean much, but let's say this is a higher level of security than many banks use. The standard is 256 bits. Is it 100% safe? No! There is nothing that is 100% safe and anyone who says they have something 100% safe is not being honest.

Yes, it’s completely free of charge. And if you wish you can request a presentation with our team.

For how many people is the KamaeLaw Cloud intended? We have created this solution for offices up to 10 people, but there is no impediment to having as many licenses as you wish. However, in this second phase of the application we are only admitting until 30 July.

How often do we see new features?

The application has the necessary tools to make this report to our team in a simply and effectively way. After this request our team will go on the field to investigate what happened and correct something that is not correct. In this 2nd Phase, we are still telling you that there are some bugs, although every day we are correcting the situations that our quality team is encountering.

Yes, our team is preparing a set of online actions that allow you to attend and ask your questions. These actions will have an accessible calendar and they can register at any time. In addition to these actions we will provide you a wide range of videos and information so you can learn in a more quickly and efficiently way. If however, you still have difficulty we can schedule a one-to-one training at no additional cost.

Yes! There is no problem, but we hope that Solutions4Lawyers always corresponds to your expectations. It is important to reinforce that there is no refund of amounts paid, whether monthly or annual.

You can, but all the data at this stage will not be migrated, only Clients and Subjects in certain fields.

Yes, we have :-). Because we know that in certain scenarios there is a need to have the data in the office itself we have a solution that can help you in this sense, for this just click here

If there is any question that we didn’t reply here and you wish to see it replied and if you are not a client yet, please write to us to [email protected].
Are you a client? E-mail [email protected]

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